Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some stuff you’ll want to know

There are a few things you should know about me. It’s nothing indecent or shocking. I promise, my confessions are all G-rated. (I was going to say they’re all appropriate for Prime Time – but that’s really not saying much anymore, is it.) Everything’s pretty much orthodox Christian & straight from the Bible.

1. I believe that God is creator, savior & king – He made us, he saves us, and everything that happens to us is under His control. Everything? Right. He is all-knowing, all-loving & all-powerful. You do the math.

2. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation – I used to be open to the idea that all paths up a mountain lead to the summit, but when it finally occurred to me that God Himself says no, I gave it up. Besides, the mountain image is fatally flawed. It is specifically designed to lead to the conclusion that any religion can bring salvation. The trouble is, it just doesn’t correspond very well with reality. I mean, how many roads can you think of that all lead to one place? Mountain paths? Yeah, sure. Anything else? Yeah, right! Why don’t you try that next time you’re late for work?

3. I believe that we are saved by faith in Christ and nothing else – We can’t earn it and we can’t negotiate for it. All we can do is accept it with gratitude.

4. I believe that followers of Christ are obligated to live righteous lives – We are to be lights in the present darkness by doing the right thing in all situations (i.e., acting “right”eously). Oh, and the most important part: God gets to define what’s right. It’s not up for debate or vote by the general population.

5. I believe that the Bible is absolutely true and must be read literally in context – More on this to come. Knowing me, a lot more . . .

6. I believe that Satan is a real personal force of evil allowed for the time being to rule on earth – But note that he is governor, not king. He is powerful but trump-able. And, he’s not alone in his mischief. He’s more than happy to employ the talents of any human volunteers to his cause.

7. I believe that Jesus Christ will return to destroy Satan’s power and re-create the world the way it was meant to be – Basically, everything is wrong and we humans are powerless to make it right. Only the one who made it can restore it. And thank God (yes, literally) He is willing to do that.

Okay, that feels better. Glad I got this all out.

My next few blods will put some meat on these bones.